White Goods Cleaner & Polish
White Goods Cleaner & Polish

MagiKLEEN White Goods Cleaner & Polish
We have made this unique product so customers can keep their whitegoods in pristine condition. The whitegoods cleaner is Ph neutral & food grade safe, so you can clean the inside/outside of the any whitegoods product. To complete the cycle we have incorporated a hint of vanilla essence to allow a clean refreshing aroma on & around the whitegoods product.

The polishes also can be used on other products having seals such as dishwashers, washing machines etc.

Simply spray onto surface & wipe down with a Magikleen microfibre cloth, this will give your whitegoods appliance a brilliant clean shine.

The whitegoods cleaner and polish is excellent to use on seals of fridges and freezers as they keep the seals soft and supple.
This reduces power consumption, and allows the food to stay fresher as the operating temperature is reached quicker due to the improved sealing efficiency.

MagiKLEEN White Goods Cleaner & Polish comes in two handy sizes:

MAGWGC250 White Goods Cleaner & Polish 250ml.
MAGWGC002 White Goods Cleaner & Polish 2Litre.

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