Optical, LCD, Plasma & Flat Screen Cleaner
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MagiKLEEN Optical, LCD & Plasma Flat Screen Cleaner - The Best Screen Cleaner on the Market
This product is the Rolls Royce of screen cleaners; we can now claim to be the NO 1, LCD/ Plasma & Flat Screen cleaner in Australia. We sell to most major Retail, Commercial, Government & selected computer stores including Air Services Australia which control the majority of Air Traffic control Towers throughout Australia, they now use our LCD Cleaner to clean their screens after passing stringent quality control guidelines.
Custom personalised labels available for this product. Contact us for more information.

The advantages of MagiKLEEN LCD Cleaner are:

  • Our product is environmentally friendly, completely harmless, non toxic & non-flammable.
  • It is completely safe on all screens including modern coated screens.
  • Leaves a streak free finish.
  • The shelf life of the product is 5 plus years.
  • Cleans CD & DVD discs & optical surfaces without damaging the surface (cameras, videos, GPS units, glasses etc).
  • Australian made ingredients.
  • We have taken out an Australian Patent on the product.

MagiKLEEN Optical, LCD & Plasma Cleaner emits with each pump a 125 micron spray (0.125 ml) our unique formula requires only the smallest amount to clean even the most dirtiest screen, unlike cheaper products or imitations that are just soapy water. We sell this product in a kit form. The kit comprises of our patented formula & specially matched cloth. We can then guarantee our product will not scratch the surface it is cleaning.

MagiKLEEN Optical, LCD & Plasma Screen Cleaner can also be used for the following applications:

  • Cleaning LCD and plasma televisions including 3D Glasses.
  • Cleaning all Apple products: imacs, macbooks, iphones, ipads or ipods.
  • Cleaning desktop & laptop computer screens, including matte, glossy & ultra bright.
  • Portable DVD players.
  • Global Positioning Systems (GPS Units).
  • Digital Cameras & Camcorders (Both Lenses and LCD Screens).
  • CD & DVD Discs will not damage their surface.
  • Optical lenses glasses, sunglasses including transitional lenses.
  • Car radios with inbuilt LCD Screens.
  • LCD touch Screens.

When cleaning screens turn the unit off and apply a fine mist to the screen, less spray usually achieves better results.
The magiKLEEN bottle puts out a fine mist so when cleaning it is best to hold the bottle several centimetres away from the screen. This way the coverage will be a fine mist.

  1. Avoid allowing the cleaning solution to run down the screen into the base of the unit, as this may cause damage to the electronic components.
  2. You may experience having to use this spray initially more than once to achieve best results for your particular surface.
  3. First cleaning results may vary due to magiKLEEN being a very mild environmentally safe cleaner; it cleans in a different manner to anything that you may have used in the past.
  4. This is especially true if other brand cleaners have been used previously. A second or third cleaning application may be required initially; this will properly remove residues of other cleaning agents that may have been left behind on the surface of your screen.
  5. If you are cleaning large screens it may be necessary to clean in quarters or halves, this will prevent the magiKLEEN solution drying on the large screens before removal with micro fibre cloth.
  6. The micro fibre cloth can be washed twice with a mild washing machine liquid or powder, rinsed well and line dried (do not tumble dry). It may be more economical to buy a whole new kit and discard the old micro fibre cloth. Replacement cloths can also be purchased.
  7. There may be slight sediment deposits in bottles after sitting for short time, shake bottle to disperse sediment.

When cleaning with magiKLEEN you are using a quality Australian made and owned product.
If unsure as per the cleaning instructions on the back of screen cleaning kits. Spray 4 to 6 pumps from bottle onto the microfibre cloth and wipe clean sections of the screen. Fold cloth over and gently buff screen to provide a sparkling clean screen.



Try cleaning half a screen with magiKLEEN screen cleaner and then half with a competitors product.
Note how each product cleans and how hard you have to rub the screen with competitors products or if there is any smears or residue left on screen. With magiKleen you only need a small amount to clean (each pump is 125 microns, 0.125mls), compare this with gel based products which require more cleaning solution.
Compare cleaning products for yourself, you be the judge of which product is the best.

MagiKLEEN Screen Cleaner comes in three handy sizes and Bulk Technicians Packs:
Educational Packs are available to Educational Institutions. Contact us for more information.

MAG0105 Screen Cleaner 60ml complete with matched microfibre cleaning cloth.
The smaller bottle 60ml, comes with a single microfibre cloth is ideal for cameras, laptops, desktops as well as televisions. The 60ml bottle is compact & can travel easily with mobile electrical items.
MAG01125 Screen Cleaner 125ml complete with matched microfibre cleaning cloth.
MAG02125 Screen Cleaner Twin Pack 2 x 125ml bottles with matched microfibre cleaning cloths.
(Twin Pack for home & office use)
MAGLCD01 LCD & Plasma Screen Cleaner Technicians Pack bulk bottle - 1 Litre.
MAGLCD02 2 x 125ml bottles & 4 microfibre cloths.
Premium LCD & plasma flat panel cleaner, in bulk pack for technicians use.
Included in kit is 2 litres cleaning solution, 4 x 125ml bottles & 8 microfibre cloths.
MAGLCD04 LCD & Plasma Screen Cleaner Technicians Pack bulk bottle - 4 Litre.
Premium LCD & plasma flat panel cleaner, in bulk pack for technicians use.
Included in kit is 4 litres cleaning solution, 4 x 125ml bottles & 8 microfibre cloths.

We have included in all our kits the finest ultra microfibre optical cloth, this can clean all optical lenses including the new 3D glasses for televisions and computers, cameras, optical glasses, sunglasses, any optical lens etc.
Our new ultra microfibre cloths this is the finest microfibre available. The diameter of each fibre is 150 times finer that ladies stockings. This results in an amazing cleaning action that picks up every spot of dust. The size of the cloth is 17cm x 17cm.

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