MagiKLEEN Personalised Screen Cleaner Kit MagiKLEEN Personalised Screen Cleaner Kit.
We offer a new personalised LCD/Plasma Screen Cleaner Kit.
The labels will be of your personal company design and details along with cleaning instructions. This has the benefits of having your company details on the bottle, with the advantage of promotion and greater company identification and awareness. It is more unique than a business card.

The screen cleaner comes with a matched microfibre cloth and is packaged in a recyclable formed clamshell.

The Benefits of the Personalised Screen Cleaning Kit.
  1. We are offering a service that the mass produced products from China cannot offer individual personalised screen cleaning kits. The price is very competitive with low order quantities starting from 25 kits.
  2. The screen cleaning kit contains your company details on the bottle. Unlike a business card that is discarded after 1 month, the user will use the bottle each week with your details on the label for up to 12 months. Then return to pay for a new bottle.
  3. We have received many calls from the public, stating that they have used, seen or recommended using our product & asking where to purchase our product. With your company details on the bottle there is no need to ask where to buy it, they will come direct to you.
  4. Quite often when the user cleans their screen other members of the public notice how good the product is & will ask where did you purchase this from. No need to look too hard, as the details are on the bottle.
  5. The product has many uses computer & television screens, cleaning CD & DVD discs, sunglasses & optical lenses, camera & video lenses & viewfinders & GPS units to name a few.
  6. The user of the personalised bottle will remember your details as they use the product regularly. If there is a need for a new, or updated computer products or services for themselves, a friend or relative they will recommend your company.
  7. Due to the low cost of the screen cleaning kits some stores are using them as bonus free product when selling a new laptop or desktop, or as one customer stated protection kit for your screen.
  8. Our product is Australian made. This is unique in itself.
  9. We can offer quality assurance that our product will perform better than any product similar on the market. Unlike cheap imports of soapy water, our product has an Australian Patent this offers you a quality assurance of the product.
  10. Being Australian made there are no delays in processing & receiving the orders or reorders.

If you wish to have further information please contact us.

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