Antibacterial Surface Cleaner & Mini Vacuum Kit
Magikleen Antibacterial Surface Cleaner 500ml Magikleen Antibacterial Surface Cleaner and Mini Vacuum Kit

MagiKLEEN Antibacterial Surface Cleaner 125ml & Mini USB Vacuum Cleaning Kit
We can provide a unique all in one kit to keep all surfaces (computer keyboards, computer mouse, phones & desktop etc.) clean from harmful germs & bacteria that are active on surfaces in constant human contact.
The unique antibacterial surface cleaner is food grade safe & provides instant sanitisation to the surfaces it is applied to.
A mini USB Vacuum cleaner is in this kit to allow the removal of foreign bodies from hard to access areas.

The Kit Contains:

  • 125ml Antibacterial Surface Cleaner - this bottle is equivalent to 1.5 packs of antibacterial wipes.
  • Mini USB Vacuum Cleaner.
  • Additional hard nozzle vacuum attachment, & soft bristle brush head.
  • Thick super absorbent microfibre cleaning cloth.

MagiKLEEN Antibacterial Surface Cleaner Refill Bottle 500ml
This Handy 500ml refill bottle for replenishing the smaller 125ml bottle. This bottle is equivalent to 8 containers of Antibacterial tissue wipes.

This product is used by Australian Customs to clean the Smart Gates in Australian Airports after passing stringent quality guidelines. Sydney Airport SmartGate information

Visit these websites for independent tests on how computer keyboards can be filthier than toilet seats.
BBC News UK - Keyboards 'dirtier than a toilet' - Filthy as a loo seat: hazard of computer keyboards - Office keyboards dirtier than toilet

Product information Sheet

MAGABCKIT MagiKLEEN Antibacterial Surface Cleaner 125ml & Mini Vacuum Kit.
MAGABC500 MagiKLEEN Antibacterial Surface Cleaner Refill Bottle 500ml.

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