Industrial Kleen
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MagiKLEEN Industrial Kleen
Formulated to speedily remove oil, grease, wax, carbon, inks, dyes, creosote, mildew, exhaust stains, & other stubborn stains from most surfaces.

  • Safe & easy to use, contains a special rust inhibitor.
  • Non-flammable, non-toxic, leaves no residue.
  • Completely bio-degradable.

INDUSTRY: Safely cleans grease from machinery, equipment, walls, small parts concrete floors & sludge etc.
MACHINE, AUTOMOTIVE & ENGINEERS: Is a superior cleaner for motors, motor parts, equipment, tanks, cement floors & shower stalls.
AUTOMOBILE: Unequalled for upholstery & fittings. Allows speedy cleaning of engines, concrete floors etc.
AVIATION INDUSTRY: An all-purpose degreaser & cleaner for all aeroplane parts – removal of all oil & fuel residues enabling cleaning of interior & exterior.
RESTAURANTS & HOTELS: Cleans stoves, food preparation areas, ventilation hoods, floors & walls.
FOOD PROCESSING INDUSTRIES: For bakeries, abattoirs, meat packers, poultry processors, breweries, drink manufacturers & canneries. Dissolves carbon, wax & grease from processing & packaging machines. Dissolves fat & grease from meat processing equipment. Cleans blood & offal from killing areas.
MUNICIPALITIES: A complete all-purpose degreaser & cleaner for all departments. Cleans motors, pumps, housings, safety cones, floors, equipment in sewage & water treatment plants. Ideal for parking meter heads.
PRINTERS: Removes grease from all metal surfaces on printing machines. Excellent for floors, walls, plates & rollers.
MARINE INDUSTRY: Quickly removes mildew & fungi from hulls. Excellent as a bilge cleaner. Quickly emulsifies gas, oil & bilge water to make cleaning relatively simple. Reduces fire hazard & leaves no oily film.
SCHOOLS: Effective for cleaning concrete walkways & play areas. Removes grease & scum from air-conditioning & heating systems. Multi-purpose cleaner & degreaser for canteen & kitchen areas.
PREPARATION FOR PAINTING: Cleans & degreases thoroughly before painting. Leaves no residue.

Product information Sheet

MAGSB500 MagiKLEEN Industrial Clean 500ml.
MAGKC002 MagiKLEEN Industrial Clean 2 Litre.
MAGKC004 MagiKLEEN Industrial Clean 4 Litre.
MAGKC020 MagiKLEEN Industrial Clean 20 Litre.

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